The Bowen Technique

Equine Bowen Therapy

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Jenni Townsend (BTAA ESEBT) is based in Frome and covers Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire, providing holistic pain relief for you, your horses, pets and other animals.


The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique

“I have reduced my intake of medication… I sleep well at night …and have far less pain than I have had for as long as I can remember.”

“I found the sessions very relaxing and enjoyable and they left me with a really enhanced sense of well-being.”

“I feel better, altogether.”

The Bowen Technique is a gentle form of body-work therapy, which supports and strengthens your natural self-healing ability. The treatment is appropriate and beneficial for all ages and many conditions, including:

  • back pain and sciatica
  • neck and shoulder problems (including frozen shoulder)
  • painful joints and muscles
  • stress and tension symptoms

  • repetitive strain injury
  • headaches and migraines
  • hayfever and asthma
  • digestive and bowel problems
  • anxiety and panic attacks

A Bowen Technique Treatment

Consisting of a series of gentle, light-touch moves over specific muscles, the Bowen Technique stimulates the subtle energies within your body, initiating a healing response, which prompts your body to rebalance, realign and restore its own level of harmony and well-being.

This healing process can feel both relaxing and energising. It can be effective to relieve everyday stresses and rebalance the whole body.

A woman being treated with the Bowen Technique

Clients often find their Bowen treatment very relaxing

The Bowen Technique moves can be applied through clothing

The Bowen Technique moves can be applied
through clothing

Equine Bowen Therapy

for horses and all animals

Equine Bowen Therapy

“My horse was much brighter and more energetic. She was also able to lie down and roll (something she had not done for several months).”

“My pony’s stiffness has eased.”

“The positive improvement in his temperament has made him much easier to handle.”

Similar in its essence to the Bowen Technique (for people), Equine Bowen Therapy is a gentle and holistic form of body-work therapy. The specific moves of the Equine Bowen Therapy treatment can be applied to all animals, both large and small.

Equine Bowen Therapy empowers the body's natural self-healing ability. It is an appropriate and beneficial healing modality for all ages and many conditions, including;

  • 'cold' or sore back / bad back
  • muscular stiffness
  • lameness or irregular action
  • sluggish lymphatic system; filled legs
  • digestive or respiratory problems

  • behavioural issues
  • uncharacteristic change of temperament or deterioration of performance
  • supporting the rehabilitation process after accident, operation or illness

An Equine Bowen Therapy Treatment

A treatment consists of a series of gentle moves over specific muscles. The Bowen moves stimulate the subtle energies within the body, and initiate a healing response, which prompts the body to rebalance, realign and restore its own level of harmony and well-being.

This healing process:

  • helps to relieve pain and muscular tension, encouraging increased flexibility and suppleness
  • helps to strengthen the internal organs and immune system
  • promotes energy rebalancing and whole-body wellbeing (physically, mentally and emotionally)
A horse being treated with Equine Bowen Therapy

Every Bowen move affects the whole body and the specific area of application

Equine Bowen Therapy having a calming effect

Horses often become very relaxed during their Equine Bowen Therapy treatment

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

“I found the Reiki treatment very restful and relaxing.”

“My knees have been pain-free since my last Reiki treatment.”

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a system of natural healing 'rediscovered' at the end of the 19th century by Dr Mikao Usui. It is a Japanese term which approximately translates to ‘Universal Life Energy’.

Reiki is a simple and gentle process of transferring energy to promote healing. The healing energy works on all levels, helping to relieve the subtle causes of many states of ill health or emotional discomfort, and encouraging balance, harmony and wellbeing to be restored.

A Reiki Treatment

During the treatment you lie, or sit, fully clothed whilst the practitioner places her hands gently on (or slightly off) your body in a series of hand positions.

Many people report a deep sense of peace, relaxation and wellbeing both during and after their Reiki treatment.

A typical Reiki treatment

Reiki Healing helps to restore balance, harmony and wellbeing

Reiki can practiced through clothing

Remaining fully clothed, you may lie or sit during your Reiki Healing treatment

Reiki Healing for Animals

Animal Healing

“The Reiki treatments have helped our rescue cat to become much calmer. She certainly seems far more content now.”

Reiki Healing for animals is a simple and gentle process of transferring energy to promote healing. The healing energy works on all levels, helping to relieve any physical muscular tension, supporting the internal organs and immune system; as well as helping your pet or animal to feel calm and relaxed, encouraging balance and harmony to be restored.

The response to the healing treatment may be both profound and subtle.

A Reiki Healing Treatment for Animals

By placing her hands gently on (or off) the body, the practitioner allows healing energy to be channelled to your pet or animal. Many recipients find this a very calming experience.

An old dog being treated with animal healing techniques

At 18 years old, Mutley enjoys his regular Reiki Healing treatments

A cat receiving animal healing

Reiki Healing for animals promotes balance, harmony and wellbeing

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