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Jenni Townsend (BTAA ESEBT) is based in Frome and covers Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire, providing holistic pain relief for you, your horses, pets and other animals.


Experience the benefits of these gentle healing techniques

From asthma to whiplash injuries… bad back… frozen shoulder… knee pain… or just feeling ‘out of sorts’, the Bowen Technique (also known as Bowen Therapy) supports and strengthens your natural self-healing ability; promoting relief of pain and recovery of energy, encouraging your body to rebalance and restore its own level of harmony and wellbeing.

With over 14 years experience and a professional and caring approach Jenni Townsend specialises in:

The Bowen TechniqueThe Bowen Technique

for people

Ease your aches and pains with this gentle and holistic form of body-work therapy.
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Equine Bowen TherapyEquine Bowen Therapy

for horses and all animals

Enhance the wellbeing of your horse, pet or animal with this gentle and holistic form of body-work therapy.
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Jenni is also attuned to Reiki Healing and offers Reiki treatments for both people and animals.

Reiki HealingReiki Healing

for people

Reiki is a simple and gentle process of transferring energy to promote healing.
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Animal HealingReiki Healing

for animals

Reiki Healing helps to promote balance, harmony and wellbeing.
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Where will the treatments take place?

The Bowen Technique and Reiki Healing:

Jenni works from home, situated at the end of a cul-de–sac on the outskirts of Frome. It is a quiet location, and the therapy room, with a view over their garden, is a calm and peaceful space for you to relax and enjoy the benefits of your Bowen Technique or Reiki Healing treatment.

Parking is available on the driveway or on-road parking. There is a 15 minute walk from Frome railway station, and a 10 minute walk from the bus stop.

Home visits are also available.

About Jenni Townsend

Jenni’s long-term interest in holistic therapies goes back to her childhood, when her love of nature, horses and all animals inspired her to consider the efficacy of natural remedies and healing.

Originally pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a horse healer, she gained Reiki levels 1 and 2 in the mid-nineties, qualified as a (Human) Bowen therapist in 2001 and an Equine Bowen therapist in 2009. She then went on to gain qualification as an Animal Healer.

Throughout Jenni’s life a variety of cats, dogs and horses have been in her care. She has competed with her own horses, worked in various equestrian establishments and has attained British Horse Society stages 1 & 2. She has also competed in Working Dog Trials.

Although initially inspired, to train as a healer and therapist, by her wish to heal horses, Jenni is equally committed to treating both people and animals.

Over the last ten years she has developed a particular interest in understanding the nature of trauma release. The knowledge gained from courses and home study has helped her to further develop her skills as a Bowen therapist.

With a professional and caring approach, her deep passion for these gentle healing treatments is focused on helping you, your horses, pets and other animals to gain good health and wellbeing.

Jenni attends regular ongoing training courses and holds comprehensive professional and public liability insurance.

She is a member of the following Professional Association:

Equine Bowen Therapy and Reiki Healing for Animals:

Jenni comes to you – your home or yard.

So that your horse, pet or animal gains the most benefit from his or her treatment, it is best to arrange a time when there are minimal distractions. Choosing a quiet time will help your animal to absorb and integrate the Bowen or Reiki Healing treatment.


Jenni Townsend
34 Beechwood Avenue
BA11 2AX

T: 01373 461 908
M: 07531 852 006

When emailing, please feel free to include a contact number. All enquiries are dealt with on a ‘no-obligation’ basis and I am happy to phone you to discuss your requirments in detail.

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